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Choosing the right conveyor for coffee

Coffeee Talk magazine

by Tim Larsen, Cablevey Conveyors The coffee “industry” is large and in constant flux. One “State of the Industry” article regarding coffee processing each year cannot possibly capture all the current best practices within a roasting facility. Also, describing a particular roasting process doesn’t necessarily tell you the story of how well the coffee is […]

Advantages in Using Tubular Drag Cable Conveyors for Coffee & Tea


Cablevey Conveyors is long-established as one of the leading suppliers of tubular drag cable conveyors for whole bean and ground coffee. The flexibility of its technology is demonstrated by equipment for two completely different types of product – whole bean coffee and cocoa nibs The first application of Cablevey Conveyors technology saw the US-based company […]

Tubular Cable Conveyor Process Automation

By Timothy J. Castle and Deborah de Cuir and Karl Seidel Cable conveyors are a great way to upgrade your plant. Upgrading your roasting plant however may be tricky business. On the one hand, the advantages of upgrading are always very palpable before any new equipment acquisitions are made. The entire plant may seem inefficient, […]