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Field Services Rates


North America

Effective October 1,2023 through December 31, 2023


A certified supervisor provides technical guidance, advice, and counsel to site personnel, with the objective of providing a technically correct, high-quality, safe installation and maintenance experience  

  • Travel Rate $75.00 Per Hour
  • Standard Time Rate $150.00 Per Hour
  • Overtime Rate $225.00 Per Hour
  • Double Time Rate $300.00 Per Hour

Rate Terms

  • The ST rate applies to a normal workday and workweek defined as 8 consecutive hours and 5 consecutive workdays (Monday – Friday), respectively, excluding any holidays or weekends
  • The OT rate applies to all hours worked on weekend and any hours worked greater than 8 hours on standard workdays (Monday – Friday)
  • Holidays worked will be charged at double time
  • Travel time will be charged at the applicable hourly rate on a round trip basis with point of departure
  • Minimum billing of 8 hours per day during the normal workweek (Monday – Friday), including standby time
  • T&L expenses or per diem will be billed for all days during the assignment including weekends, standby time, and travel days by the technician providing the service
  • All T&L costs related to airfare, lodging, meals, ground transportation will be charged at cost plus 10% administrative fee
  • Per diem may be billed per day instead of actuals T&L costs if agreed in advance


Rates include standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Standard PPE includes steel toe boots, safety glasses, ear defenders, and gloves

Purchased Services

Purchased labor & materials will be billed at cost plus 15% administration fee. Purchased services include equipment rental, tooling rental, subcontracted labor, immigration-related services such as visas and work permit, and all other products purchased related to the project

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