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Wide variety of pet feeds serve nutritional needs

Pet ownership rose to an all-time high in 2020 to include 70% of U.S. households, which resulted in increased spending on pet food and supplies. All animals require balanced nutrition to flourish, and there exist multiple types of feed depending on species and applications within those categories. 

Industry surveys reveal that pet owners prefer products with premium ingredients that are sustainably sourced. Most feed products require delicate handling since breakage affects quality perceptions and salability.

Maintaining proportionate blends essential for pet feed mixes

One key for these types of feeds is to maintain proportions in blends and mixes as batches move through the various processing steps towards packaging. Many of these blends contain variable densities and granularity elements, leading to sifting or separating that can affect proportional accuracy when delivering a balanced mix in the end product is essential. The design elements that comprise cable and tube conveyor systems present a definitive solution to provide a balanced batch of feed ingredients that retain product integrity. The tubular drag cable system contains and delivers batch loads in individual compartments, similar to a series of train cars. These are gently propelled along the cable by discs that minimize product damage, reduce waste, drastically cut back on dust and eliminate separation for a thoroughly amalgamated mixture. 

Tubular Drag Cable Conveyors are Top Dog for Conveying Dry Pet Foods

Learn how this pet food company cut costs for operations and maintenance on its new line by choosing a tubular drag style conveyor.


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Gentle on materials

Gently convey delicate and friable materials through all phases of the production process. Our cable and tube conveyor design preserves product integrity to minimize breakage and loss.

Easy to Clean

Wet and dry in-tube cleaning options reduce time between changeovers and preserve resources. Clean-in-place methods are also available to improve efficiencies and reduce downtime.

Low maintenance

Tubular drag style conveyors, designed to require simple pneumatic tensioning for the cables, require very little maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can pre-batched loads include flake, powder, or wet materials?

Yes. Our feed conveyor system is designed to move materials in all forms, including granular materials, semi-solid materials, flake, powder, and some wet forms.

Are tubular drag conveyors safe and sanitary?

Yes. The enclosed tube environment of our feed conveyors keeps your materials clean, free of contaminants such as foreign material and debris, and safe while in transit. Enclosed tubes also serve to keep ingredient wastage low and the factory clean.

How are these tubular conveyors cleaned?

Wet cleaning, dry, and in-line cleaning options are available for the Cablevey conveying equipment. As part of our engineering and service process, we will work with you to determine the best cleaning solution for your needs and train you on how to use your specified equipment.

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