Cablevey® Conveyors Specialty Grain and Food Conveyor Systems

Our processed food and grain conveyor system is capable of handling many different sizes, weights, and combinations of materials.

Gentle Handling & Low Breakage

Many food and beverage handling processes require delicate handling. For example, cooked vegetables on their way to packaging cannot be distressed in any significant way as once cooked, they are very delicate. Another example is beer brewing where barley needs to be protected while being conveyed from the grinder to the mash tun. The same concept applies with oilseed, parent seed, rice, and grain blends, kidney and garbanzo beans, frozen fruit and more. All of these delicate materials must be handled with virtually zero breakage.

Maintaining Proportionate Blends

For the food processing industry, we also know that maintaining proportionate mix blends of batches as they move through a food and grain conveyor system is essential to success. This presents many issues as ingredients can be of variable densities and granularity leading to separation issues that can affect proportional accuracy. Fortunately, cable and tube conveyor systems present a definitive solution to such issues as batch loads are contained in sealed buckets that move all batch ingredients without wastage, separation or damage.

Examples of  Specialty Grains and Foods Conveyed

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can pre-batched loads include powders or wet materials?
Yes. Our food and grain conveyor system is designed to move materials in all forms including powdered and wet forms.
Are cable & tube food conveyors safe and sanitary?
Yes. The enclosed tube environment keeps food materials clean and safe while in transit. Enclosed tubes also serve to keep wastage low and your plant clean.
How are tube conveyors cleaned?
Wet, dry and in-line cleaning options are available. As part of our engineering and service process, we will work with you to specify the best cleaning solution for your needs and train you on how to use specified equipment.

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