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Tubular Drag Cable Conveyors Turn Coffee Beans Into Smooth Blends

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When it comes to coffee processing, the balance between small-batch and high-volume production is key. Our tubular drag cable conveyors turn coffee beans into smooth blends, so they might be just what your production needs. But before we move on to a thorough tubular conveying system explanation, let’s dive into the importance of the right conveyor solutions.

The importance of state-of-the-art conveyor technologies cannot be overstated. Efficient and productive facilities depend on superior conveying systems capable of handling both coffee beans and ground coffee delicately. This is to ensure that the quality of the product remains uncompromised.

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The Challenge of Maintaining Product Integrity

Traditional conveying methods like augers, bucket elevators, and pneumatic pressure systems have long been the standard for moving products through various stages of production. This includes blending, roasting, grinding, flavoring, and packaging. However, these systems come with significant drawbacks, posing challenges such as:

  • Maintaining product integrity,
  • Ensuring energy efficiency,
  • Preventing cross-contamination,
  • Controlling dust,
  • Simplifying maintenance and sanitizing.

Tubular Drag Cable Conveyors Turn Coffee Beans Into Smooth Blends for Apffel’s Fine Coffees

Apffel’s Fine Coffees, based in Santa Fe Springs, California, is an example of a company that has successfully navigated these challenges with innovative conveyor systems manufacturers. Specializing in a wide array of custom blended, regular, and flavored whole bean and ground coffees, Apffel’s required an automatic conveyor system that would uphold the quality of their product and enhance their production efficiency. In the early stages of designing a new advanced computer-aided roasting facility, the company recognized the need for an innovative conveying system.

Finding a Better Solution

Historically, Apffel’s relied on conventional industrial conveyor systems, which were not only maintenance and labor-intensive but also led to excessive production downtime. This was due to the need for thorough cleaning between product runs to avoid cross-contamination. These issues inflated operational costs and obstructed production efficiency. More importantly, these conveyor belts compromised the quality of the coffee by breaking roasted beans and altering the consistency of ground coffee.

In their quest for a better solution, Apffel’s collaborated with Nohbell Corp., an engineering firm specializing in supply-chain operations for the coffee, wine, and food processing industries. The firm recommended a shift to enclosed tubular conveyor systems. This innovative approach in manufacturing conveyor systems promised to gently move the beans and ground coffee through the production process. All the while preserving the integrity and quality of the product from start to finish.

The Impact of Tubular Drag Cable Conveyors

The adoption of tubular automated conveyor systems marked a significant leap forward for Apffel’s. It addressed the previously hopeless challenges of product integrity, energy efficiency, and cross-contamination. These conveyors provided a gentle handling process and, with it, maintained the quality of the coffee beans and grounds. They also enhanced maintenance and processes of cleaning conveyor belts and dramatically reduced production downtime and operational costs.

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The story of Apffel’s Fine Coffees showcases the transformative impact that the right belt conveyor manufacturers can have on coffee processing operations. For facilities looking to enhance efficiency, maintain product quality, and overcome the inherent challenges of traditional conveying systems, there are available solutions. Exploring possibilities like an automated conveyor system, an upgrade from the traditional conveyor belt system might be a step in the right direction. If your company prioritizes innovative conveyor engineering and enhances the existing conveyor belt systems, you can achieve operational excellence.

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