Expo FBOnce again, Cablevey Conveyors is proud to join the Specialty Coffee Expo taking place April 10-14 in Boston, MA. A longtime exhibitor at the industry’s annual event, Cablevey will feature its conveyor suspended on a truss system capable of carrying whole bean, green, ground, and soluble (spray-dried and freeze-dried) coffee types.

Specialty Coffee Expo 2019

Hosted by the Specialty Coffee Association, the Specialty Coffee Expo offers industry professionals one of the best places to network with importers, producers, baristas, roasters, and researchers. Hundreds of exhibitors showcase their products and compete for the Design Lab and Best New Product awards.

Best New Product – new products are judged on their quality and value to the industry.

Design Lab – visitors can explore some of the best designs in the coffee industry today, including branding, vessels, and packaging.

Scientific Poster Session – visitors can meet coffee scientists and analysts to discuss their latest research and innovations.

Certified Home Brewer Display – professional coffee tasters and experts review brewers to determine whether they meet brewed-coffee quality requirements.

Cablevey Conveyors for Whole Bean Coffee

Cablevey joins the Specialty Coffee Expo each year to demonstrate how its conveyor systems are safe and efficient for moving coffee materials throughout the production process. These systems, which apply to roasted, green, powdered, or ground coffee, can be customized in different capacities so that materials are always conveyed gently and in highly-sanitary conditions.

Every coffee production facility is unique in its own way. Therefore, Cablevey’s design customization for facilities includes capacity, height limitations, and ideal transit system and speed for moving materials without breakage.

Cablevey Conveyors and Café Orfeu

Coffee brands around the world often discover that finding a hygienic, efficient, and quiet conveyor system is a challenge because most require excessive maintenance and take up too much space. In the case of Brazilian specialty coffee maker Café Orfeu, a switch from bucket elevators to conveyor belt systems for transporting its ground and roasted coffee required a partner with the necessary expertise and customization capabilities.

Since partnering with Cablevey in 2017, Café Orfeu has been using a cable and disc conveyor to transport its materials without the risk of contamination or breakage. The system is space-efficient, hygienic, and easy to maintain, making it highly efficient relative to other conveying technologies. Café Orfeu has found Cablevey’s solution ideal for moving delicate materials through all production phases all the way to the final packaging process.

Cablevey welcomes all attendees to its Specialty Coffee Expo 2019 exhibit to see the industry’s most efficient and well-constructed tube conveyor technology and to discover its full range of services, including conveyor engineering, commissioning, and annual maintenance follow-up.

Check out Cablevey’s helpful informational videos to learn more about its tubular conveyor systems ahead of the event!