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Product damage caused by the transport of friable materials during processing is a huge — and costly — concern for manufacturers of many kinds of food, industrial and consumer products. For more than 40 years, Cablevey Conveyors has answered the call with its versatile line of enclosed cable & disc conveyor systems.

Proven to gently convey more than 900 different types of products, including coffee, cereal, nuts, beans and pet food, Cablevey tubular drag cable conveyor systems offer a reliable method for conveying food and industrial products with virtually no product separation or degradation.

TURNAROUND Unit - Cablevey ConveyorsWe offer three volume-sized series of enclosed cable & disc conveyor systems that can be configured in multiple custom layouts to fit your plant configuration and specific material handling needs.

Our tubular drag conveyor systems are used by Fortune 500 companies and top-tier food processors globally, as well as a host of industrial businesses.