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Innovative New Variable Discharge Valve Provides Less Material Shearing

The variable discharge valve on a conveyor

Navigating the fine balance between maximizing production output and minimizing waste has always been a cornerstone challenge in the food processing industry. The difference between a whole and a broken nut could cause a fluctuation in revenue, and that’s why the role of solutions such as a variable discharge valve cannot be overstated. This piece of equipment, engineered by Cablevey Conveyors, promises to redefine efficiency and waste reduction in the food processing sector.

Challenges of Food Conveying

Food processors are pushed and pulled between the desire for greater production output and the need to reduce waste. Bulk material handling equipment for small and breakable foods like almonds, peanuts, pistachios, walnuts, or similar delicate materials must be focused on minimizing material damage. Broken nuts, coffee beans, and cereals are much less valuable than fully intact materials, and the potential loss in revenue for food processors can easily reach thousands of dollars daily.

The Gentle Revolution by Cablevey Conveyors

This is why Cablevey Conveyors has always been committed to “The Gentle Way to Convey.” Based on customer input and significant engineering, we have introduced a new unit that embodies this ideal – food and nut processing with minimum material breakage.

Frozen food processing

Our Variable Discharge Valve Overcomes the Challenges With Food Conveying

Our new variable discharge valve for our 4” (100mm) and 6” (150mm) systems can drop fractionated material from our system at multiple locations. This discharge valve comes equipped with a dedicated stepper motor and internal logic that can relay information about fractions and material drop points within the system through a communication cable. This new variable discharge valve is the first of its kind to employ a teardrop shape for discharging. This teardrop shape minimizes the shearing of nuts and other materials to prevent waste.

Innovations in Material Handling With the Teardrop Mechanism

The variable discharge valve works directly with Modbus/TCP. Users have the ability to set a value from 0 to 100 (set up as a percentage of the entire discharge) to direct the conveyor to discharge varying amounts of material. This allows food processors to drop material in five or more machines, increasing packaging speed without potentially damaging valuable material. The metered action creates the ability for operators to drop multiple consecutive discharges into hoppers, bins, weigh scales, and packaging machines for continuous operation.

Discharge on a conveyor system

Why Choose Cablevey Conveyors for Your Operations

Cablevey Conveyors creates conveyor products that are reliable, sanitary, and, most importantly, gentle. Our modular customized technology can accommodate a variety of layouts on varying planes and has been installed over 30,000 times in 65 countries for over 1,000 different types of materials. Customers continue to choose Cablevey because they have come to expect our reliability, ingenuity, and friendly customer service, implementing scalable solutions that generate great returns after new equipment purchase and installation.

The Superiority of Our Tubular Cable and Disc Conveyor Belt System

Our tubular cable and disc belt conveyor system comes in a variety of sizes and tube diameters and can convey up to approximately 45,000 pounds per hour (assuming 40 pounds per cubic foot). We specialize in providing tubular drag cable and disc conveyor systems to customers who process fragile food and other friable materials worldwide.

Embracing the Future with Clean-In-Place (CIP) Systems

Clean-in-place (CIP) systems are designed to ensure that your production lines maintain the highest standards of hygiene without dismantling the entire setup, thus saving valuable time and resources. Below are a few compelling benefits that you can expect when you integrate a CIP system into your workflow:

  • By ensuring that every component is thoroughly cleaned, CIP systems contribute to delivering products that stick to the highest safety standards imposed by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).
  • Through automated cleaning cycles, these systems help conserve water, chemicals, and energy, displaying a noticeable decrease in resource usage over time.
  • Minimizing manual intervention, CIP systems quicken the cleaning process, allowing for more productive uptime and reducing the labor hours spent on maintenance.
  • By maintaining strict hygiene standards, CIP systems aid in effortlessly meeting regulatory requirements and simplifying compliance protocols at the same time.

By opting for a tubular custom conveyor belt for food with a CIP system, you are choosing a pathway that harmonizes production efficiency with superior cleanliness.

Your Next Step Towards Innovation and Efficiency

If you’re looking to transform your food processing operations with technology that stands at the top of innovation and efficiency, your journey begins with Cablevey Conveyors. Our various solutions, such as an industrial conveyor belt for a warehouse and other tubular disc and cable conveyors, feature our groundbreaking variable discharge valve. As you contemplate taking your operations to the next level, remember that a conversation with us today could be your first step towards a future of increased profitability and reduced waste. To explore a world of possibilities where efficiency meets sustainability, please contact us today. Discover the future of food processing with Cablevey Conveyors, where every detail is designed with your success in mind.