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How Do Cablevey’s Tubular Drag Conveyors Keep Rice Intact

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When you’re in the food processing business, and the material you need to handle is extremely gentle – like rice undeniably is – finding the right conveyor systems can be a challenging task. Let’s see how Cablevey’s tubular drag conveyors keep rice intact and guarantee the success of your operations and little downtime.

Rice Requires Gentle Processing – Which Means Special Conveyor Engineering

Leaders in the rice processing business know that this delicate grain can be successfully transported on conveyor belt systems, but only when those conveyor technologies are designed to handle goods gently. Fragile materials such as parboiled rice and rice mixtures can become degraded and separated if processed by the more common rapid-moving conveyor systems. 

So, where do you find adequate conveyor engineering that will ensure your materials are handled gently during the processing stage? Cablevey Conveyors has quality systems that can effectively move various types of rice at any point in the production process because its design prevents damage to materials.

Why Is the Rice Processing Industry Important?

Rice may be considered the single most important human food by a number of measures. According to the International Rice Research Institute, more than half of the world’s population eats rice every day. Projections from the United Nations and the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute indicate that, when it comes to rice, the global demand will increase by 26% in the upcoming 25 years. The ever-growing demand for rice makes it an expanding market full of opportunity. 

However, when manufacturers process rice inefficiently, they must often cope with lost profits and inefficient industrial conveyor systems rather than success. Cablevey’s conveyor solutions can gently transport all kinds of rice materials, including wet or dry mixtures and parboiled rice, a partially cooked form of rice often used in seasoned mixes.

Here’s How Novarroz’s Gamble With New Conveyor Systems Has Paid Off

Rice producer and exporter Novarroz–Productos Alimentares, S.A. of Portugal found out for itself that the Cablevey system was the solution to the problems it faced with its old conveyor belt system. According to Novarroz employee Pedro Oliveira, the old system was “complex, with a straight, bulky geometry, large dimensions and lots of occupied space.” In addition, the system was unreliable and not very sanitary. 

Oliveira reports, “Cleaning was a serious issue. We faced product contamination due to the difficult cleaning process, and there’d be a lot of damage to the product particles. There’d also be many maintenance-related problems as the system was not very reliable at all.” After installing a Cablevey system in March 2014, Oliveira found that the system “managed to solve all existing contamination issues” and that the company “achieved a safe, clean transport.”

He states, “One of the greatest benefits is absolutely the system’s cleanliness. Its self-cleaning design guarantees all product gets safely conveyed with no remaining residue.” Finally, Oliveira has found that downtime for cleaning and maintenance is “virtually nonexistent.” The system has never required repair, only planned periodic checks that don’t require system downtime. Additionally, daily cleaning is done by the system itself.

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Cablevey Conveyors Is the Right Solution for All Rice Manufacturers

Many inefficiencies, such as material damage, mixture separation, and contamination, can cut into profits for companies that move delicate rice products like parboiled rice. Ensuring that a conveyor system doesn’t lose or separate rice can be a challenge with less gentle systems. Cablevey’s grain conveyor systems can move many types of delicate materials efficiently while keeping particles intact. 

Our state-of-the-art cable conveyor and tubular conveying system both feature a modular design with a wide range of tube diameters and materials to accommodate diverse applications. If you’re interested in learning more about what Cablevey Conveyors can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask all about conveyor uses


How Do Tubular Drag Conveyors Ensure the Gentle Handling of Rice During the Production Process?

Tubular conveyors, especially those by Cablevey Conveyors, are engineered with a focus on gentle handling to keep rice intact during processing. Unlike rapid-moving conveyor systems, they move rice slowly and steadily, preventing degradation and separation. The conveyors are designed to handle a variety of rice types, including delicate ones like parboiled rice, ensuring minimal damage and maximum yield in production.

What Challenges Did Novarroz Face With Its Old Conveyor Belt System?

Novarroz faced issues like complex, bulky geometry, unreliability, and sanitation problems with its old conveyor system. Cleaning was difficult, leading to product contamination and damage to rice particles. They also encountered many maintenance-related issues, leading to increased downtime. These challenges impacted the efficiency and productivity of its rice processing operations, necessitating a switch to a more efficient system.

How Did the Cablevey Conveyor System Resolve Novarroz’s Issues?

The Cablevey system addressed all of Novarroz’s challenges, offering a self-cleaning design that eliminated contamination issues and ensured safe, clean transport of rice. Its reliable design required no repairs, only planned periodic checks, reducing downtime. The efficiency and sanitation improvements led to enhanced product quality, bolstering Novarroz’s operational efficiency and productivity in the rice processing industry.

What Makes Rice Processing a Crucial Industry Globally?

Rice processing is pivotal globally, as over half of the world’s population consumes rice daily. The demand for rice is projected to surge by 26% in the next 25 years. Efficient processing is essential to meet this demand. Inefficiencies, such as material damage and system breakdowns, can lead to lost profits, underscoring the importance of reliable conveyor systems like Cablevey’s.

How Does Cablevey Ensure the Conveyance of Various Types of Rice Without Damage?

Cablevey Conveyors’ technology is adept at moving diverse rice types without inflicting damage. Its tubular drag conveyors are designed for gentle handling, preventing the degradation common with rapid-moving systems. They can transport wet or dry and parboiled rice efficiently, ensuring the grains remain intact, which is crucial for maintaining quality and maximizing profits in the rice processing business.

Why Is the Cleanliness of a Conveyor System Important in Rice Processing?

Cleanliness is paramount in rice processing to avoid contamination and ensure product quality. Cablevey’s self-cleaning design ensures all rice is safely conveyed with no remaining residue. This cleanliness not only maintains the quality and safety of the rice but also minimizes maintenance and downtime, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and profitability for rice processing companies.

How Adaptable Are Cablevey’s Conveyor Systems for Different Applications in Rice Processing?

Cablevey’s conveyor systems boast a modular design with various tube diameters and materials, making them adaptable for diverse applications. They can efficiently move a range of delicate materials, ensuring particles remain intact. Their adaptability and efficiency in handling different rice types and mixtures underscore their suitability for companies seeking to optimize their rice processing operations while maintaining product quality.