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Rice Processor Improves Sanitary Product Transport with Enclosed Tubular Conveyor

Novarroz is a name which came to being at a small water mill by a portuguese brook over four decades ago. Nowadays, it is one of Europe’s greatest rice manufacturers, both in terms of production size and product quality. Through rigorous quality control measures and a careful eye overseeing each step of the process, Novarroz has managed to make itself synonymous with high-quality produce.

From the discreet brook babbling against the wooden rice mill in the 60’s, all the way to a modern yield of 15 tonnes per hour, Novarroz has been absolutely dedicated to a single objective: generating the best possible product to offer its customers. This path was carved with intelligent and sensible decisions, resulting in a highly-optimized, highly-specialised production process. When a small company grows such orders of magnitude, harmonizing tradition and innovation can prove a nuanced and difficult process, as each decision progressively holds more stakes. Novarroz has continuously allocated intelligent effort in search of the best resources and equipment, in continuously improving their production line and elevating their final product. For the company, this came to fruition in the form of twelve different product lines, each highly specialized in its own specific uses: from sushi rice to basmati rice, Novarroz has managed to preserve its roots and grow in all directions.

The process of maintaining a unique vision does not consist on leaving innovation by the wayside. By ignoring innovation many a good company has perished alongside its vision and values. The process consists on making the right decisions and choosing partners carefully. To Novarroz, an essential partnership was created with another company built on its vision: Cablevey Conveyors,​ which itself holds two primary goals: perfecting its conveyors and striving for the best customer service possible, the same two goals it has held for almost 50 years. Cablevey Conveyors is an american-born company based in Oskaloosa, IA. For almost five decades it has dedicated itself exclusively to its tubular drag conveyor system, crafted as the best possible solution for transporting materials and foodstuffs throughout production plants. Each system is custom built and the result of carefully carried out customer service. To Cablevey, communicating with the customer is a priority of the highest order, alongside perfecting its product.

With over 30,000 custom-built systems installed worldwide, crafting Cablevey systems to run over 900 different kinds of products has been a task made possible only through a stern work ethic and the upholding of a unique vision of offering the best possible product in the smoothest possible way. The food-grade conveyor system is capable of transporting between 2,12m3 and 56,6m3 of material per hour, reducing breakage to less than 1% with even the most brittle of materials. With attachable cleaning equipment, the system becomes self-cleaning, minimizing downtime and operator effort. The compact tubular structure is a low-noise, low-energy consumption solution for optimizing limited production space. Names such as Unilever, Starbucks, Nestlé, JDE, Cargill, Mondelez, and many others have partnered with Cablevey, and now, so has Novarroz.

When growing a company, choosing proper partnerships is crucial to success. Some choices are more subtle, but others are made obvious when the proponent’s reputation precedes it: such is the case for both Novarroz and Cablevey. In the difficult and selective process of determining what aspects of innovation are welcome and will synergize with the company vision and values, it is a great relief to find there is an obvious choice among the candidates; to Cablevey, it is a pleasure and a golden opportunity to work with Novarroz in maximizing their product quality to its full potential, and, to Novarroz, it’s great to see their production process evolving in service of a product which upholds their values and vision flawlessly.