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Cablevey Earns a Reputation for Excellence with Major Pet Food Manufacturer

Farmina is the specialist when it comes to pet nutrition. With a history spanning over 50 years, the company has earned its spot at the top of the pet food industry and is regarded for its high-quality product and uncompromising
company values. Guided by genuine care for animal well-being and by acknowledgment of the unwavering love and support they provide as pets, Farmina came to be as a result of Dr.Francesco Russo’s lifelong passion and craft in 1965, in Italy. The company has since dedicated its resources and energy to developing its narrative in the way most suited to the values it embodies.

Built upon extensive and meticulous research, Farmina offers a wide array of options when it comes to animal nutrition, including specifically balanced formulas meant for professional dog and cat breeders, a niche which involves the highest levels of precision and planning. Aside from that, they offer extensive customer support in the form of a consultancy service that creates specific dietary plans for different pets.

Farmina’s accolades really speak for themselves: from published articles in Cambridge’s British Journal of Nutrition and flourishing partnerships with world-renowned animal care institutions such as Napoli’s Federico II University of Animal Nutrition and Feeding, it becomes clear that Farmina is a name of high regard. With a highly-qualified group of specialists, veterinarians, zoologists and animal nutritionists, coordinated alongside the most structured research methods and highest-quality available equipment, success becomes only natural. In a process with as many variables as pet food production, what sets Farmina apart from the competition is not a single factor, but rather several different factors working together. One of these elements is the continuous improvement of technology and plant infrastructure; as the product can only be as good as the equipment allows. In their tireless striving for excellence and improvement, Farmina came upon another company regarded for their striving, but in the field of material transportation: Cablevey Conveyors.

The Cablevey tubular drag conveyor is an essential element to any high-standard food processing operation, as its cable and disc technology is capable of transporting any kind of material with virtually no breakage or waste. It can be specifically fitted to any product or plant layout, is highly adaptable, produces a very low amount of sound, runs on a small energy consumption, has very little downtime due to simple and sparse maintenance, is self-cleaning and completely sealed-off from foreign contaminants in the environment. With a working capacity ranging from 3,000 lbs/hour (1,361 kg/hour) to up to 80,000 lbs/hour (36,267 kg/hour), it can move material of any granularity, frozen, frosted, coated, delicate or powdered with food-grade cleanliness standards, all whilst reducing particle breakage to numbers below 1%.

Located in Oskaloosa, Iowa, Cablevey has been in the business for almost five decades and works with over 900 types of products in 66 different countries. Many of the world’s largest food companies have chosen Cablevey due to its high efficiency, adaptability and food grade operation. Brands such as Nestlé, Premier-Grandfoods, Affinity, Special Dog, Royal Canin, Unilever, Purina, Starbucks, Hercosul, JDE and many others all use Cablevey Conveyors. All these companies have high standing among their respective fields, and this is a trait they share with Farmina. The levels of excellence achieved could only be reached through the careful selection of materials and equipment.

A globally-renowned brand name is born when a company takes it upon themselves to create the best product they possibly can, sparing no resource or effort. The search for quality should be tireless, and that is both the most essential component and greatest challenge of the process. Farmina’s sheer dedication to their craft is what really makes them unique, placing them among some of the greatest brands of all time.