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Enclosed Tubular Conveyor System Eliminates Breakage for Premier Coffee Roaster

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In today’s fast-paced coffee manufacturing environment, ensuring the seamless transport of ingredients is crucial for operational efficiency and product quality. Stick around to explore how Cablevey’s enclosed tubular conveyor eliminates breakage for a coffee roaster. It is specifically designed to tackle the age-old problem of material breakage. 

This system employs a revolutionary drag and cable mechanism, optimizing the gentle handling of sensitive materials like coffee beans and cereals. As a result, the premier Nippon Coffee Trading Co. roaster found an ideal partner in Cablevey, significantly reducing breakage and enhancing product integrity.

Meet Nippon Coffee’s High Standards

Since its inception in 1953, Nippon Coffee has been synonymous with the highest quality coffee, reporting impressive sales of $86.7 million in 2015. The demand for their product never waned, so they sought a conveying solution that matched their need for flexibility and quality. 

Cablevey’s enclosed tubular conveyor system was their answer. It provides an efficient method to transport approximately between 600 and 800 kilograms of green coffee beans per hour without sacrificing their integrity. The benefits of Cablevey technology include:

  • Gentle transportation of fragile materials, significantly reducing breakage.
  • Improved food safety through enclosed tubing that prevents contamination.
  • Low maintenance requirements, offering cost savings over time.
  • The high degree of operational flexibility to handle diverse materials.
  • Enhanced system cleanliness, with easy cleaning mechanisms for maximum safety.

Processed coffee beans have a moisture content of 10-12%, making them particularly delicate and prone to damage from vibrations, shocks, or changes in humidity. Moreover, the fine texture of ground coffee necessitates careful handling to maintain its quality.

That’s why it is critical to select a conveying system that ensures the preservation of coffee bean quality and consistency. In the coffee industry, these conveying solutions are the most highly recommended for maintaining the integrity of coffee beans, with a notable 54% of experts favoring enclosed tubular conveyors.

Coffee beans next to a bag

Enhance the Operational Flexibility and Cleanliness

Adopting a system that enhances operational flexibility and cleanliness is very important. This allows coffee businesses to adapt swiftly to changing production needs and maintain high standards of hygiene. 

This adaptability ensures that companies can efficiently manage various materials and product types. On the other hand, cleanliness is critical in meeting regulatory standards and ensuring consumer safety, especially in the food and beverage industries.

Transform Material Handling With a Tubular Conveying System

If you are trying to decide between Cablevey and other conveyors for your coffee production, know that our system addresses the key challenges in material handling. It ensures the integrity of delicate coffee beans while maintaining operational efficiency. 

By minimizing breakage, these systems significantly reduce waste and associated costs. This is essential for coffee industries where product quality directly influences consumer satisfaction and bottom-line results.

Our Conveyor System Successfully Mitigates Material Breakage

The tubular conveyor system by Cablevey Conveyors introduces a groundbreaking approach to mitigate material breakage, a common challenge in the industry. By integrating automated conveyor systems and leveraging gentle handling techniques, Cablevey significantly reduces losses, ensuring that valuable materials are transported with utmost care. The key advantages of Cablevey systems include:

  • Minimizing waste,
  • Reducing material breakage, 
  • Enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime, 
  • Lowering maintenance costs. 
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Let the Cablevey Conveyors Be the Game Changer for Your Production System

As industries evolve, the demand for clever conveyor solutions that combine efficiency with gentle handling has never been higher. Cablevey Conveyors stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering tubular conveying systems that meet and exceed your conveyor manufacturing needs.Whether it’s reducing breakage, ensuring cleanliness, or enhancing operational flexibility, our conveyor technologies are tailored to deliver unparalleled performance. Don’t let outdated conveyor systems hold your business back. Contact Cablevey and let our innovations transform your operations today.