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Cablevey® Conveyors Announces New Logo and Website


As Cablevey® Conveyors marks its 50th anniversary, it steps boldly into a new chapter, ready to reshape the landscape of conveyor belt system solutions. This golden milestone is celebrated with the unveiling of a fresh, modern new logo and a sleek, user-friendly website. Drawing upon a rich legacy of innovation and customer satisfaction, Cablevey Conveyors is ready to craft a future filled with pioneering solutions and impeccable service. Join us in celebrating this significant milestone, where tradition meets modernity, ushering in a new era of industry excellence.

Celebrating 50 Years of Delivering Solutions to Our Customers

Oskaloosa, IA – August 2, 2022 – Cablevey Conveyors is the leading global conveyor producer for the beverage and food industries, and industrial processing companies. We are proud to announce the launch of our new brand logo and website, coinciding with its 50th anniversary. For the last half-century, Cablevey Conveyors has positioned itself at the forefront of belt conveyor system technology, propelling renowned brands forward. This momentous occasion reflects our gratitude for the past and our commitment to the future as we usher in a new era of technology guided by visionary leaders.

A Message From Our CEO

Brad Sterner, CEO, shares his excitement for this milestone: “Cablevey has much to celebrate about its first 50 years with many notable achievements. The company has created groundbreaking conveying technology, installed tens of thousands of systems in 66 countries around the world, and created a great company for our employees and community in Oskaloosa to be proud of. As we prepare for the next 50 years, it’s the perfect time to launch our new brand, new website, and a new commitment to build on the successes we’ve had together in creating systems known for product integrity, energy efficiency, and low total cost of ownership,” he stated.

Cablevey Outside HQ

Discover Cablevey® Conveyors – Innovative Solutions for Efficient Material Handling

Join the ranks of our global clientele in 66 countries and experience the cutting-edge tubular drag cable and disc conveyor systems designed by Cablevey Conveyors. As a leading specialty conveyor manufacturer, we are committed to providing food/beverage and industrial powder processors with top-tier, food-grade conveying performance. Our clean, fast, energy-efficient, and cost-effective systems are revolutionizing the industry. 

What We Do

At Cablevey Conveyors, we specialize in developing advanced conveyor systems that streamline operations and prioritize safety. Over the last 50 years, we have become an industry leader in crafting unique, dependable solutions for the food and industrial processing sectors. From gentle handling of fragile food items to the efficient movement of industrial powders, our systems are designed with precision and expertise. Our commitment to innovation ensures we continually offer products that meet the evolving needs of our diverse clientele, representing a benchmark of quality and reliability in the market.

Benefits of Our Conveyors

In the dynamic and demanding world of material handling, Cablevey Conveyors stands out by offering numerous advantages through our tubular cable and disc conveyors. Designed with precision and an acute understanding of the needs across different industries, these conveyors bring several distinctive benefits to your operations:

  • Our systems are designed to handle your materials delicately, minimizing product damage and maintaining quality at every stage.
  • Experience a seamless, consistent, and reliable material transport process that stands up to the demands of various industrial applications.
  • With a design that allows easy cleaning, our conveyors help in maintaining high sanitary standards, saving both time and labor costs.
  • Operating with a significant reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional conveying systems, making your processes more sustainable.
  • Our conveyors can be tailored to meet specific requirements, offering flexibility and adapting to your unique operational needs.
  • Trusted in 66 countries, our conveyors have proven to be effective and reliable across different regions and industries.

With Cablevey Conveyors, enjoy a harmonious blend of innovation, efficiency, and gentle product handling, marking a significant upgrade to your material transport processes.

The Clean-In-Place System

In the ever-evolving landscape of material handling, the Clean-In-Place (CIP) system by Cablevey Conveyors stands as a testament to our commitment to hygiene and efficiency. This sophisticated system simplifies the cleaning process, allowing for thorough sanitation of our custom conveyor belt for food without the need to dismantle the equipment.

The automated procedure ensures that every part of the conveyor is thoroughly cleaned, significantly reducing downtime and labor costs. Furthermore, it upholds the highest standards of cleanliness, ensuring that your operations remain compliant with industry regulations and standards like the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). As we forge ahead, the CIP system embodies our dedication to providing innovative solutions that cater to the modern demands of food and industrial processing sectors, blending convenience with uncompromised quality.

Invest in Our Superior Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Ready to elevate your warehouse operations? Make the smart choice with Cablevey Conveyors. Explore the unmatched efficiency and innovation of our conveyors. Don’t just stay ahead of the curve – redefine it with us. Seize the opportunity to elevate your business processes with a system that embodies efficiency, innovation, and reliability. Visit our newly launched website and contact us today to explore our comprehensive range of solutions. Choose Cablevey Conveyors – where we translate your material handling needs into futuristic, sustainable, and efficient solutions. No matter whether you need an industrial conveyor belt for your warehouse or other conveying solutions, let’s build the future, together.

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