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Craft Brewer Trusts Cablevey Conveyors for Gentle Product Handling of Fragile Grains


Great Service from Cablevey Conveyors

Just want to take a moment to pass on a shout out to Cablevey Conveyors for some excellent customer service. 18 years ago we purchased a Cablevey Conveyor system for our grain elevator at Raccoon River Brewing Company. This last spring, Raccoon River closed after our building sold to developers. Now with a new set of partners, I am in process of moving the brewing system to a new location. While working on the install of the brewery at the new location, I contacted Cablevey Conveyors about some spare parts and imagine my surprise when Leland Cook (who originally sold us the conveyor) showed up at our construction site. Leland offered to send out one of his install guys when we were ready. Leland sent out Brandee Francisco, who spent nearly a whole day helping my crew get the system up and running. He helped with some insider tips and clear instructions about tight piping tolerances we would’ve been clueless about on our own.

The system is now up and running and I’m sure we saved more than a day of frustration with Brandee’s help. Can’t say enough how much I appreciate the customer service and want to publicly call out Cablevey Conveyors for 18 years of outstanding service. Hats off! If you are looking for a versatile and compact elevator solution that doesn’t beat up your grain like a flex auger would, contact them. Great product and great service.

David Coy Brewer @ Reclaimed Rails Brewing Company
101 Main Street SE Bondurant, IA 50035
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